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Thomas A. Costello

Thomas A. Costello

Associate Professor


(BENG)-Biological & Agricultural Engineering

Phone: 479-575-2847

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Research Focus

  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Food Production

Application Areas

  • Production of Algae as a Biofuel Feedstock
  • Space-Heating Poultry Houses using Renewable Fuels
  • Energy Efficiency and Other Resource Conservation
  • Agricultural Systems Monitoring and Controls
  • Engineering Design Methodology and Practice
  • Renewable Energy Utilization
  • Modeling Energy Consumption in Food Production
  • Environmental and Climate Monitoring
  • Process Sensors and Controls

BENG 3113: Measurements and Controls

BENG 3653: Global Bio-Energy Engineering

BENG 4813:  Senior Biological Engineering Design I

BENG 4822:  Senior Biological Engineering Design II

BENG 5103: Advanced Instrumentation

  • B.S., Agricultural Engineering, University of Missouri
  • M.S., Agricultural Engineering, University of Missouri
  • Ph.D., Engineering Science, Louisiana State University
  • Luthra, K., Y. Liang, J. R. Andress, T. A. Costello, S.E. Watkins, D. Aldridge. 2018. “Construction and performance of a self-contained, temperature-controlled heat source (electronic chicken) to quantify thermal load during live haul of broilers”. Appl. Engr. Agric. 34(5):865-874.
  • Liang, Y., R. Bautista, and T. A. Costello.  2016.  "Validating a multi-port, averaging pitot tube for measuring fan airflow rates".  Appl. Engr. Agric. 32(4): 409-415.
  • Callaway, Z., Y. Wang, B. Zhang, T. Zhang, T. A. Costello, M. F. Slavik and Y. Li.  2016. "A portable impedance biosensing system for rapid detection of avian influenza virus".  Trans. of ASABE 59(2):421-428.
  • Sharara, M. A., S. S. Sadaka, T. A. Costello, K. W. VanDevender, D. J. Carrier, M. Popp, G. Thoma and A. Djioleu. 2016.  "Combustion kinetics of swine manure and algal solids."  J. Thermal Analysis Calorimetry 123(1):687-696.
  • Sharara, M., N. Holeman, S. Sadaka and T. Costello. 2014. “Pyrolysis kinetics of algal consortia grown using swine manure wastewater. Bioresource Tech. 169: 658–666.
  • Sandefur, H. N. , R. Z. Johnston, , M. D. Matlock, T. A. Costello, W. H. Adey, and H. D. Laughinghouse IV.  2014.  "Hydrodynamic regime considerations for the cultivation of periphytic biofilms in two tertiary wastewater treatment systems".  Ecol. Engr. 71: 527-532.
  • Liang, Y.,  G. T. Tabler, T. A. Costello, I. L. Berry, S. E. Watkins and Y. V. Thaxton. 2014. "Cooling broiler chickens by surface wetting: indoor thermal environment, water usage and bird performance".  Applied Engr. in Agric. 30(2): 249-258.
  • Sharara, M.A., S. Sadaka, T. A. Costello and K. W. VanDevender. 2012. "Influence of aeration rate on the physio-chemical characteristics of biodried dairy manure – wheat straw mixture."  Applied Engr. in Agric. 28(3): 407-415.
  • Pradhan, A. K. , M. Li, Y. Li, L. C. Kelso, T. A. Costello, and M. G. Johnson. 2012.  “A modified Weibull model for growth and survival of Listeria Innocua and Salmonella Typhimurium in chicken breasts during refrigerated and frozen storage.”  Poultry Sci. 91:1482-1488;.
  • Sandefur, H. N., M. D. Matlock, T.A. Costello, W. Adey, and D. Laughinghouse.  2011.  “Seasonal productivity of a periphytic algal community for biofuel feedstock generation and nutrient treatment.”  Ecol. Engr. 37:1476-1480.
  • Warren, A. J., J. L. Gattis, L. K. Duncan, T. A. Costello. 2011.  “Analysis of deceleration in through lane before right turn.”  J. Transp. Res. Board 2223: 113-119.
  • Thorbole, C., H. Lankarani, T. A. Costello.  2009.  “Temperature effect on the dynamic characteristics of the aircraft seat cushion.”  ASME/IMCE2009-12164.
  • S. S. Kulkarni, S. G. Bajwa, R. T. Robbins, T. A. Costello, T. L. Kirkpatrick.  2008.  “Effect of soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines) resistance rotation on SCN population distribution, soybean canopy reflectance, and grain yield.”  Trans. of ASABE 51(5): 1511-1517.
  • Griffis, C. L., Costello, T. A., and Verma, L.  2007. “A unified, interactive approach to degree programme accreditation and quality assurance.”  Int. J. Eng. Educ. 23(4):705-709.
  • Chaubey, I., D. Sahoo, B. E. Haggard, M. D. Matlock, and T. A. Costello. 2007. “Nutrient–retention, nutrient–limitation, and sediment–nutrient interactions in a pasture dominated stream.” Trans. of ASABE 50(1):35-44.
  • Sen, S., B. E. Haggard, I. Chaubey, K. R. Brye, T. A. Costello and M. D. Matlock. 2007. “Sediment phosphorus release at Beaver Reservoir, Northwest Arkansas, 2002-3.”  Water, Air and Soil Pollut. 179:67-77.
  • Costello, T. A. and D. J. Carrier.  2006.  "Emergence of Biological Engineering at the University of Arkansas."  Int. J. Eng. Ed. 22(6):1149-1156.
  • Chaubey, I., A. S. Cotter, T. A. Costello, and T. Soerens.  2005.  "Effect of DEM data resolution on SWAT output uncertainty."  Hydrol. Process. 19:621-628.
  • Cotter, A. S., I. Chaubey, T. A. Costello, T. S. Soerens, M. A. Nelson.  2003.  "Water quality model output uncertainty as affected by spatial resolution of input data."  J. Am. Water Resourc. Assoc. 39(4):977-986.
  • Xin, H., I. L. Berry, G. T. Tabler, T. A. Costello. 2001.  "Heat and moisture production of poultry and their housing systems: broilers."  Trans. of ASAE 44(6): 1851-1857.
  • Vories, E. D., T. A. Costello and R. E. Glover.  2001.  "Runoff from cotton fields fertilized with poultry litter."  Trans. of ASAE 44(6):1495-1502.
  • Counce, P. A., D. R. Gealy, T. C. Keisling, and T. A. Costello.  2000.  "Weed levels did not alter rice grain yield response to nitrogen."  Commun. Soil Sci. Plant Anal. 31(15 & 16): 2607-2615.
  • Brewer, S. K., and T. A. Costello.  1999.  "In-situ measurement of ammonia volatilization from broiler litter using an enclosed air chamber." Trans. of ASAE 42:1415-1422.
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  • Costello, T. A.  1992.  "A reply to Calder's comment on short duration rainfall intensity measured using calibrated time-of-tip data from a tipping bucket raingage."  Agric. and For. Meteorol. 61(1992):305-306.
  • Costello, T. A., and H. J. Williams, Jr.  1991.  "Short duration rainfall intensity measured using calibrated time-of-tip data from a tipping bucket raingage."  Agric. and For. Meteorol. 57:146-155.
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  • Costello, T. A., and W. J. Horst.  1991.  "Soil temperature sensor installation:  a comparison of two methods."  Trans. of ASAE 34(3):904-908.
  • Costello, T. A., I. L. Berry and R. C. Benz.  1991.  "A fan-actuated mechanism for controlled exposure of a psychrometer wet bulb sensor to a dusty environment."  Applied Engr. in Agric. 7(4):473-477.
  • Cahoon, J. E., T. A. Costello and J. A. Ferguson.  1991.  "Estimating pan evaporation using limited meteorological observations." Agric. and Forest Meteorol. 55:181-190.
  • Costello, T. A., J. L. Costello, K. W. VanDevender, and J. A. Ferguson.  1991.  "Spreadsheet-based user-interface for a crop model."  Comput. Electron. Agric. 5:315-325.
  • Costello, T. A., and H. J. Braud, Jr.  1988.  "Thermal diffusivity of soil by nonlinear regression analysis of soil temperature data." Trans. of ASAE 32(4):1281-1286.
  • Costello, T. A., N. F. Meador, and M. D. Shanklin.  1984.  "CO2 compared to SF6 as an air infiltration tracer."  Trans. of ASAE 27(3):844-846.
  • 1992 - present, Associate Professor, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, University of Arkansas
  • 1986-1992, Assistant Professor, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, University of Arkansas
  • NASA Summer Faculty Fellowship, Bio-Regenerative Life Support Systems, Kennedy Space Center (2003, 2002)
  • American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
    • Secretary, Arkansas Section (2018, 2019)
    • Past Chairman SE-30 (Environmental Group)
    • Past Chairman SE-301 (Environmental Physiological Committee)
    • Past Chairman SE-06 (Paper Awards Committee)
    • Past Chair, Arkansas Section
  • Professional Engineer, State of Arkansas, 1991
  • ASABE National Student Design Competition (as Faculty Advisor to BENG student teams)
    •     1st place (2013, 2006, 2003)
    •     2nd place (2016, 2014, 2011, 2010, 2008, 2006, 2004)
    •     3rd place (2015, 2012, 2011, 2011, 2010, 2008, 2001)
  • National Hydrologic Warning Council Student Design Competition (as Faculty Advisor                                                                              to BENG student team) - 1st place (2011)
  • John W. White Outstanding Teacher Award (2011)
  • Arkansas Agricultural Alumni Association Outstanding Advisor Award (2003)
  • UA Engineering Teaching Award (2015)
  • UA Engineering Student Service Award (2019, 2017, 2013, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2006, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1998, 1997, 1996)
  • Halliburton Outstanding Teaching Award (1994)
  • Honor Societies: Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Epsilon, Gamma Sigma Delta (member)