Extension Faculty Projects

Yi liang

Yi Liang

  • Air Quality and Energy Efficiency in Poultry Housing
  • Quantification of Emission and Transport of Air Pollutants
  • Emission and Mitigation and Control Technologies
chris henry

Chris Henry

  • Irrigation scheduling
  • Water resource development
  • Irrigation system technology development and alternative irrigation systems
  • Crop water use
  • Chemigation Irrigation scheduling
  • Pumping plant performance
  • Irrigation energy use
  • Overall irrigation efficiency  
sammy sadaka

Sammy Sadaka

  • Grain Drying and Storage
  • Gasification of Fresh and Torrefied Cotton Gin Waste
  • Bioenergy and Energy Conservation
karl vandevender

Karl Vandevender

  • Livestock and Poultry Manure Management
  • Educational Programs in Collection, Storage, and Land Application of Manure as an Animal Production By-Product Resource that has Potential Beneficial and Adverse Impacts on the Farming Operation and the Environment.