Departmental Forms

The following forms are for use by the Biological & Agricultural Engineering students.  Please contact the department if you have any questions about a form.

Undergraduate Students Forms

  • Advising Form
  • Application for Admission 
  • Self-Paced Online Courses
  • Exceeds Enrollment Form
  • Override Form
  • NOTE: Use the electronic override form for changes to enrollment and overrides inside the department. This form MAY NOT be used for classes taken outside of the College of Engineering. Please right click and select "save" or "save as to download" and fill out this form in Adobe Reader. It may not work properly in your browser directly. Please submit override form from your uark student email account.

NOTE: When students would like to use a course for credit on their BSBE degree that does not have pre-existing approval, then the student should work through their adviser to submit the appropriate petition to the Curriculum Committee.  The student and adviser will be notified of the result.  If approved, the completed petition will become part of the student’s academic file.

Honors College Students Forms

Graduate Students Forms

Master's Students Forms

Ph.D. Students Forms

Business Forms

Schedule of Deadlines and Notifications for Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

Travel Forms

Payroll Forms

Graduate Forms